The OSI Model (Back to all quizzes)

  1. What is the primary value of the OSI network model?

    OSI networks are used in the southern hemisphere
    The OSI approach can be use to analyze many different network models
    OSI networks make better use of limited bandwidth
    OSI networks are more secure

  2. How many layers does the OSI model have?


  3. Which of the OSI layers deals with the shape of connectors for network connections?

    Data Link

  4. Which of the layers is most similar between the OSI and TCP network models?

    TCP Link Layer and OSI Data Link Layer
    TCP Internetwork Layer and OSI Network Layer
    TCP Transport Layer and OSI Transport Layer
    TCP Application Layer and OSI Session Layer

  5. What layer does the TCP/IP Secure Sockets Layer map to in the OSI network model?

    Secure Data Link Layer (SDLL)
    Secure Network Layer (SNL)
    Secure Transport Layer (STL)
    Session and Presentation Layers

  6. Why does the TCP model combine the OSI Data Link and Physical layers into a single Link layer?

    Because the TCP model does not worry about the Physical layer
    Because the TCP model designers were ignored at the 1981 OSI meeting in Utrect, Netherlands
    Because quite often the design of Data Link and Physical layers are tightly connected for a particular technology
    To make the TCP model easier to understand by end users