Web Site Maintenance and Administration


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Table of Contents

Web Site Maintenance and Administration


Choosing a Home for Your Web Site

Reasons NOT to Run Your Own Server

Alternatives to Running Your Own Server

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Organizing and Building Your Site

Your Own Domain

Obtaining a Domain

Domain Names vs. IP Addresses

HTTP versus HTML

Typical Internet Publishing Scenario

Virtual Host Concept

URL Components

Typical Web Server File Structure

Static HTML

Alternatives to Static HTML

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Web Middleware Products

Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)

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Running Your Own Server

Server Administration Roles

Server System Choices

Low-end Unix Options

Windows Server Platforms

Server Platform: System Options cont’d

Server Software Selection

Commercial Web Servers

Special Webmaster Duties

Log Analysis

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Site Promotion

Site Doctors

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System Administration


Installation Challenges

Installation Outline




User Accounts

Backup Considerations

Backup Strategies

Offsite storage

Backup Options

Backup Software

Community Information Toolkit

Running Your Own Server: A Case Study

In Conclusion

Crawl Before You Walk!

Community Information Toolkit

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