Advanced Web Content Choices


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Advanced Web Content Choices


Reviewing File Sizes

Live Demo of Animated Sites

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Basic HTML: Your Primary Publishing Medium

Think Before You Leap into Advanced Content

Before You Leap into Multimedia…

Before You Leap into Interactivity

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Animated GIFs

Building an Animated GIF

Sounds on Your Web Page

Audio Recording Choices

Oral History and Other Voice Applications

Microphone Essentials

Using Digital Audio

Software for Editing Audio

Audio Formats

Streaming Media

Video on the Web

Video Formats

Video on the Web DEMANDS Streaming

Capturing Digital Video

Editing Digital Video

Live Events versus Historical

Test Your Multimedia!

The Benefits of Digital Audio

Live Demo of Real Media

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Image Maps: Variation on the Hyperlink

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Image Map Tips

HTTP versus HTML

Typical Web Server File Structure

Static HTML

Alternatives to Static HTML

The Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Web Middleware Products

Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP)


Java Virtual Machine

Applet Invocation

Support for Java

JavaScript vs. Java

Sample JavaScript Program


Shockwave for Director

Shockwave Flash

Software Can Make It Easier

A Hardware Store Full of Tools!

Build It Once -- and Reuse It!

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