Beginning Web Publishing


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Beginning Web Publishing


Before We Begin: A Word About Copyright

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Basic HTML: Your Primary Publishing Medium

What Makes a Web Document?

HTML: Text and “Tags” Reside in the Same File

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HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol


Common File Types

Your Jobs as a Web Author

“Manual” HTML Editing

Using a Text Editor -- “Blank Slate” Approach

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When Manually Editing, Hop Between Wordpad and Browser

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HTML Overview

Basic HTML Document Structure

Notes About HTML Tags

Paragraphs <P>

Headings <H1...H6>

<CENTER> Tag: Centers Text within Windows

<HR> - Horizontal Rule <BR> - Break ("hard return")

Creating Links: The Anchor Tag

Creating Links to Other Web Sites

Background Colors

Background Images

Basic Tables

Placing an Image into an HTML Document

Organizing Your HTML Files on the Server

Relative and Absolute References to Same File...

Server File Layout Determines Each Page's URL

Those Are the Basics

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HTML Authoring Tools

Authoring Tools

Tables: Much Easier With an Editor

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HTML Forms: Easy with Authoring Tools

FrontPage: Authoring Tool and Web Project Manager

Creating a FrontPage Web from Existing HTML Documents

You will then see...

Navigation View

Folder View

Hyperlink View – Visualize Internal Links

The FrontPage Editor In Normal View

The FrontPage Editor in HTML View

FrontPage: Predefined Themes

Pre-Created Templates

Managing Files with Authoring Tools

Manually Moving Files to the Server: WS-FTP Example

Netscape Composer One-Button Publish

Site Management

FrontPage Project Management

Web Sites That Evaluate Your Web Site

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NetMechanic Setup

NetMechanic Results

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Working with Digital Images

Digital Image Input Choices


Types of Scanners

Choosing a Scanner

Software Bundled with Scanners

Installing Your Scanner

Installation is Easy under Windows 98

Steps In Scanning

Getting Ready to Scan

Preview and Select Area to Scan

Setting the Output Type

Setting the Resolution

OCR Results

Scanning Tips

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Image Editing Software

Working With Images

What Image Editors Can Do

Adobe PhotoDeluxe Example

PhotoDeluxe Effects

PhotoDeluxe "Sketch" Effect

Image Size Matters

"Thumbnail" Concept

Thumbs-Plus Software: Automates Web Thumbnails

Working With Colors

Minimize Number of Colors

Browser-Friendly Palette

GIF Features to Explore

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Principles of Good Web Design

Characteristics of a Good Web Site

Steps to a well designed Web site

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Web Design and HTML References

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Author: Richard Wiggins

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