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Free Courses / Educational Material:
  Python for Everybody
  C Programming for Everybody
  Django for Everybody
  Web Applications for Everybody (PHP/SQL)
  PostgreSQL for Everybody (PHP/SQL)
  Internet History, Technnology and Security
  Dr. Chuck Office Hours Around the World

  The Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment
  Tsugi: A framework for learning tools
  Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Interoperability

  Python For Everybody: Exploring Data in Python 3 (2016)
  Sakai: Building an Open Source Community (2011, 2014)
  Raspberry Pi (21st Century Skills Innovation Library) (2013)
  Using Google App Engine (O'Reilly 2009)
  High Performance Computing (O'Reilly 1998, Connexions 2010)

Web/Multimedia sites
  My podcast
  IEEE Computer - Computing Conversations Interviews (2011-2016)
  Dr. Chuck sings the blues (2008)
  Dr. Chuck goes motocross racing (2007)
  A Film About Brent and His ATV (2005)
  Audition Tape (2003) for TechTV which was rejected :(.
  Dr. Chuck goes stock car racing (2002)
  The Community Information Toolkit - A project to provide public libraries and other organizations a start on using Internet in Commmunity Networking. (1999)